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Your credit standing is more than just digits; it’s the gateway to your aspirations—whether it’s a dream home, a dependable vehicle, or a higher education. When flawed credit reports disrupt your financial wellness, it can cost you significantly via inflated interest rates. Don’t compromise; seize control of your fiscal destiny.

If credit reporting agencies obstinately ignore errors on your report, you could be eligible for legal redress under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). At Shawn Jaffer & Associates fighting for consumers in Austin, Texas, we are experts in securing compensation for our clients. Schedule a no-cost case evaluation with our seasoned FCRA professionals today.

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Frequent Credit Report Issues

Antiquated Information Reporting

Credit reporting agencies and creditors are obliged to furnish your credit profile with up-to-date, accurate data. Violating this requirement could mean they’ve breached the FCRA. Typical infractions include:

  • Omitting to report a debt cleared through bankruptcy;
  • Unlawfully updating old debts to seem recent;
  • Falsely listing an account as active when you’ve closed it;
  • Showing debts or bankruptcy cases beyond the statutory limitation;
  • Duplicate account reporting, affecting your financial metrics;
  • Merging your credit record with another individual based on name resemblance;
  • Wrongly stating that you’re deceased;
  • Reviving accounts previously deleted after a successful challenge.

Misleading or Fragmentary Reporting

Credit reporting agencies and creditors are barred from knowingly presenting false or incomplete information. Examples include:

  • Wrongfully classifying a resolved debt as a write-off;
  • Exaggerating the balance on accounts;
  • Incorrectly noting late payments;
  • Crediting unauthorized accounts to your profile;
  • Misidentifying you as the debtor where you’re merely an authorized user;
  • Overlooking identity theft alerts;
  • Suppressing payment history or other relevant details.

Failure to Comply with Dispute Protocols

Upon receiving a dispute, credit reporting agencies must undertake a thorough inquiry and correct or delete false or unconfirmed data within 30 days. Common slip-ups involve:

  • Failing to notify creditors of your claim;
  • Performing an inadequate investigation of your dispute;
  • Neglecting to correct or remove faulty information within the stipulated time frame.

Other FCRA Violations

  • Breaches of Personal Privacy
  • Illicit Use of Credit Reports
  • Omissions of Mandatory Notices

Your Legal Rights for FCRA Violations

Willful Violations

  • Unrestricted Actual Damages
  • Statutory Damages: $100 – $1,000 (no need to prove actual loss)
  • Punitive Damages: At the court’s discretion
  • Attorney’s Fees and Associated Costs

Negligent Violations

  • Unrestricted Actual Damages
  • Attorney’s Fees and Associated Costs

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