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If you received a demand letter from an attorney or were served with a lawsuit relating to a business dispute then you need to hire a Texas Business and Commercial Litigation Attorney. An experienced business litigation attorney can advise you regarding your legal exposure, what defenses you have to the lawsuit, and if you are entitled to filing a counter lawsuit.

Alternatively, if you have run into a difficult situation where another business or individual is not honoring the terms of your agreement then you need skilled Texas Business and Commercial Litigation Attorneys to send out demand letters, make phone calls, and possibly sue the company or individual for breach of contract.

What Kind of Business and Commercial Cases Do We Handle?

  • * Breach of Contract
  • * Business Disputes with Partners, Vendors, and Lenders
  • * Construction and Real Estate Disputes and Litigation
  • * Real Estate Disputes and Litigation
  • * Trademark Infringement Litigation
  • * Business Fraud
  • * Breach of a Noncompete Agreement
  • * Partnership or Shareholder Disputes
  • * Breach of Fiduciary Duties
  • * Unpaid Debts and Past Due Invoices
  • * Unfair Competition and Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

We Charge a Flat Legal Fee for Small Claims Lawsuits

A small claims lawsuit is a lawsuit where the maximum damages are $20,000. These are smaller litigation issues which our law firm handles on a flat legal fee. We represent both the Plaintiff (the party suing) and the Defendant (the party being sued).

Amount of Lawsuit:Flat Legal Fee:
Less than $5,000.00$1,249
The pricing above does not include court costs and other expenses.

How Does a Business or Commercial Dispute Proceed?

A business or commercial dispute comes in two phases.

The First Phase is called pre-litigation. This means a demand letter is sent out by one party to another using an attorney. A lawsuit is not filed at this time but a demand is made for money owed by one side to another, and it usually involves a deadline for a response and threatens the filing of a civil lawsuit.

The Second Phase is called litigation. This means that a lawsuit is filed with the court and you are ordered to file an answer within a definite period of time or else you will lose automatically. Therefore, it is crucial to quickly find and hire a skilled and experienced Texas business and commercial litigation attorney to defend you.

Alternatively, you may want to hire a business and commercial litigation attorney to draft and file a lawsuit against a party who has breached a contract, owes you money, or engaged in harmful activities against you or your business. You usually have limited time to act and file a lawsuit to protect your rights and ensure that evidence is not destroyed by the other side.

How Can a Business and Commercial Litigation Attorney Help?

We understand that business and commercial disputes and litigation are usually not a source of profits for business but the legal exposure of not taking action can end up costing three to ten times more than defending the lawsuit or not suing for the money that owed to you or to stop fraud, unfair competition, or stopping a shareholder or partner from stealing the assets.

A skilled Business and Commercial Litigation Attorney will try to resolve your disputes quickly and efficiently. Our Attorneys will listen to you and come up with two or three strategies to resolve your dispute and then follow the course of action you want.

If you are looking for effective, skilled, and reputable Business and Commercial Litigation Attorneys please check out our reviews and give us a call for a free 30 minute consultation. We would love to help you and earn your business.

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