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At Shawn Jaffer & Associates, our skilled Business and Corporate Attorneys are here to help you start your business the correct way. We handle all business formation and startup requirements that you and your partners or shareholders need. From entity selection, tax structure, trademarks and copyrights, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and employment contracts.

$999 Flat Legal Fee
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Advising You to Select the Best Business Structure

You have to choose between, Limited Liability Companies LLC, C Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Partnership, Series LLCs, and Professional Corporations. We will guide you to make the correct choice and then form the company correctly.

Advising You to Elect the Best Tax Structure

When you form your company, we have have the IRS tax your business in different ways to limit the taxes that you may owe. We will guide you in deciding to do a pass-thru disregarded entity, C corporation, S Corporation, or partnership tax status. Then we will file the forms with the IRS to get you the tax structure best suited for your business to limit tax exposure.

Obtaining an Employer Tax Identification Number for You

We will contact the IRS and obtain a tax identification number for your new business called an EIN or Employer Identification Number. This allows you to open bank accounts and apply for loans for the business. We handle this process for you in our legal fee.

Drafting Your Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws

We will sit down with you and your business partners to come up with an appropriate operating agreement or corporate bylaws to cover the most common legal issues that arise in a new business. We will draft the agreement and all terms as desired by you and any business partners in written operating agreement or corporate bylaws to ensure the smooth running of your business. We will discuss capital requirements, issuance of stock, how to add or remove owners from the business and the process of how to do so.

Providing You Employment Agreements

We will provide you with a standard Employment Agreement forms that you can use when hiring new employees for your business. This will spell out all standard employment terms and limit your liability if there is employment based litigation.

Providing You Independent Contractor Agreements

We will provide you with a standard Independent Contractor Agreement that you can use to hire outside contractors for your business. This agreement shall include terms that protect you in lawsuits and can limit your exposure.

Being Your Registered Agent

We will be your registered agent for service of process for your business. We will be the registered agent for one year and you can renew annually or be your own registered agent.

2 Hours of Attorney Consultation Time to Make Sure Everything is Tailored to Your Exact Needs.

You will get 2 hours of attorney time to understand your business needs. This time is in addition to the attorney actually drafting your Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and forming your business.

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