How to Get a Mortgage Forbearance for COVID-19

You can purchase a mortgage forbearance document to mail to your Mortgage company or mortgage servicer for instant download and instant email. The document has been drafted by Attorney Shawn Jaffer, a consumer protection attorney and includes all the legal language required pursuant to the CARES Act also known as the $2 Trillion dollar Rescue and Stimulus package signed into law by President Trump.

All you need to do is download the document and replace the text in red with your personal information and mortgage information. Then simply print and mail the document by First Class Mail or Certified Mail to your mortgage servicer or mortgage company. The CARES Act requires mortgage companies and servicers to forbear or temporarily stop mortgage payments for a period up to 180 days for a total of 360 days if you mail this document multiple times.

Instantly Download the Mortgage Forbearance Letter for Free