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So you have billing error or dispute issue with your credit card or debit card company. Luckily there is a federal law called the Fair Credit Billing Act that you may used to help you.

What are Billing Errors under the Fair Credit Billing Act or FCBA?

  • * Unauthorized Charges over $50.00
  • * Charges that list the Wrong Amount or Wrong Date
  • * Charges for Goods or Services that you did not receive
  • * Charges for Goods or Services that you did not accept
  • * Charges for Goods or Services that were not delivered as agreed
  • * Failure to post your payment or refund charges
  • * Charges for Goods or Services that you requested written proof of purchase and claimed an error or request for clarification

How do you Properly Dispute?

  • * You must mail a written dispute to the Credit Card Companies Billing Inquiry Department. This address is listed in the fine print on your credit card statements. If you are mailing a dispute please make sure to sent it certified mail with return receipts requested.
  • * Your dispute letter should include the Account Number, Date and Amount of the transaction, and the reason explaining the error or your dispute.
  • * A phone call dispute with the Credit Card Company does not count.
  • * Your dispute letter must be received by the Credit Card Company within 60 days of the date of the credit card statement containing the error.

The Credit Card Company Must Investigate Your Written Dispute

The credit card company must investigate your dispute within 60 days and in the meantime you do not have to pay that amount of the credit card bill. However, you must still pay any other balance timely on your credit card bill. But the Credit Card Company cannot charge any interest or fees on the disputed amount or transaction(s) and cannot report you late or past due because of it.

If there is a billing error then the credit card company must explain to you in writing the corrections that will be made to you credit card account and finalize the credit and remove any related finance charges and fees.

If there Credit Card Company disagrees with you and does not find an error then they must promptly inform you of how much you owe and provide the reason. You should ask for copies of relevant documents but you are required to pay the disputed amount to the credit card company.

If Your Dispute is Denied Wrongly then You Need to Contact a FCBA Attorney

Our law firm helps people all over Texas with Credit Card Billing Errors and Disputes. The dispute process has multiple steps and can be complicated, therefore working with experienced and skilled attorneys will tremendously increase your likelihood to recover the money that was charged to your credit card.


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