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Does Someone or a Business Owe You Money?

Then you need a Debt Collections Law Firm and Attorney We Provide a FREE Consultation about your options. Shawn Jaffer & Associates Law Firm and its Attorneys are Experienced in Collections and Recovery Matters and can provide you or your business with options for Recovery.

The Debt Collection or Recovery Process

Step 1: The Demand Letter

First, we send out a Demand Letter on your behalf to the person or business that owes you money. A demand letter for re-payment of a debt from a law firm can be a very effective tool in recovering unpaid bills, past due accounts, or any debts or accounts receivables from a person or business.

Step 2: The Debt Collection Lawsuit

If the debtor refuses to respond to an Attorney Demand Letter then the following step is to file a lawsuit against the person or business that owes you money. When you file a lawsuit against a debtor and once service of process is completed, the Debtor is required to respond to the lawsuit. If a Debtor does not respond to the lawsuit then the Debtor will be found to be in Default and the Court generally issues a Default Judgment against the person or business. If a Debtor does respond, then our firm can negotiate a settlement and recovery on the debt.

Step 3: Settlement and Recovery

The parties enter into a Settlement Agreement that we draft which usually contains an Agreed Judgment. The Agreed Judgment is kept in our files and is filed if the Debtor does not make agreed payments on the repayment plan. This is a hammer that is used to ensure that the Debtor makes payments timely and in full.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Debt Collection Attorney?

You have 2 options: First, you can hire us on an hourly fee agreement, where we charge based on the amount of time spent on the lawsuit.
Or you can hire us for a small flat fee plus a percentage of the amount recovered as shown below:

Amount of Debt:Legal Fee:
Up to $10,000$575 + 33% of Amount Recovered
$10,000.01-$20,000.00$899 + 33% of Amount Recovered
$20,000.01-$30,000.00$1,249 + 33% of Amount Recovered
$30,000.01-$50,000.00$2,249 + 33% of Amount Recovered
$40,000.01-$50,000.00$3,499 + 33% of Amount Recovered
Over $50,000.01Please Call

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