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The attorneys at the Shawn Jaffer Law Firm, located in Dallas, Texas represent consumers and small businesses file claims for violation of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act “DTPA” throughout Texas. Some of the violations include misrepresentation of products and services, false statements, fraud, bait and switch tactics, yoyo financing, warranty, disputes.

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The Deceptive Trade Practices Act is a powerful tool that is intended to protect consumers (individuals and small business) from deceptive, unconscionable, and unfair business practices from Insurance Companies, Car Dealers, Home Builders, Realtors, and many other businesses.

What conduct does the DTPA Prohibit?

  • *Bait and Switch Tactics
  • *Breach of Warranty
  • *False Representations
  • *False Advertisement
  • *False or Misleading Billing Practices
  • *Failure to Disclose Information
  • *Fraud
  • *Misrepresentation of Products and Services
  • *Price Gauging
  • *Unfair Denial of Insurance Claims
  • *Yo-Yo Financing

What Can I Recover under the DTPA?

You can recover your actual damages, your economic damages, mental anguish damages and if the Court finds that the defendant acted knowingly or intentionally then you could get up to three times the damages. Additionally, attorneys fees may also be awarded in DTPA cases.

How Do I Know If I Have a DTPA Claim?

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