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Your credit profile is more than just a number; it’s the key that unlocks life’s significant milestones—a new home, a reliable car, or even educational opportunities. When inaccuracies plague your credit report, they can lead to inflated interest rates, costing you thousands over time. Don’t settle for less; fight for your financial freedom.

If credit bureaus stubbornly refuse to rectify inaccuracies on your report, you could be entitled to compensation under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We specialize in recovering damages for our clients. Reach out to the seasoned FCRA legal experts at Shawn Jaffer & Associates helping consumers in Houston, Texas, for a complimentary case assessment.

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Common Pitfalls in Credit Reporting

Outdated Data Practices

Credit bureaus and creditors are mandated to update your report with accurate and timely information. Breaching this duty may constitute an FCRA violation. Such violations include:

  • Neglecting to report a bankruptcy-discharged debt;
  • Illegally re-aging debts to appear new;
  • Misreporting a closed account as active;
  • Reporting debts or bankruptcies that exceed statute of limitations;
  • Duplicating account entries, skewing debt-to-income ratios;
  • Conflating your credit profile with another person due to name similarity;
  • Erroneously declaring you as deceased;
  • Resurrecting deleted accounts after a successful dispute.

Falsified or Incomplete Reporting

Creditors and credit bureaus are prohibited from furnishing misleading or incomplete data knowingly. Examples are:

  • Misrepresenting settled debts as charged off;
  • Inflating account balances;
  • Wrongfully indicating late payments;
  • Reporting unauthorized accounts as yours;
  • Misclassifying you as the debtor on an account where you’re an authorized user;
  • Ignoring identity theft flags;
  • Omitting payment histories or other critical data.

Failure to Adhere to Dispute Procedures

Credit bureaus must undertake a thorough investigation upon receiving your dispute and correct or remove unverified or incorrect information within a 30-day window. Common violations involve:

  • Not informing the creditors about your dispute;
  • Inadequately investigating your concerns;
  • Ignoring the mandate to correct or remove flawed data within the stipulated timeframe.

Additional FCRA Violations

  • Privacy Breaches
  • Unauthorized Credit Report Usage
  • Failing to Provide Mandatory Notices

Legal Recourse for FCRA Violations

Willful Noncompliance

  • Unlimited Actual Damages
  • Statutory Damages: $100 – $1,000 (no proof of harm needed)
  • Punitive Damages: Court’s discretion
  • Legal Fees and Costs

Negligent Noncompliance

  • Unlimited Actual Damages
  • Legal Fees and Costs

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