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Our Legal Fee$99
Hire Us as Your Registered Agent (optional)$50/yr
Get an Employer Identification Number (optional)$50
Get a Standard Operating Agreement (optional)$100
Rush 3 Business Days Processing instead of 14 Business Days (optional)$100
Rush Same Day Processing (optional)$200
S Corp Election (optional)$100
Attorney Consultation or Custom Agreements (optional)$250/hour
Texas Government Fee (Required)$301

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your standard Processing time?

Standard processing time is 14 Business Days. But you can pay an extra $100 for Rush 3 Business Day Processing or an extra $200 for Rush Same Day Processing.

All Rush Processing Orders accompanied with all required information must be provided to our offices by 2pm central time.

Q: What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a person who is designated to receive service or process on behalf of your LLC and also other tax and compliance documents from the State of Texas.

Q: Can I be the Registered Agent for my Texas LLC?

Yes, you can be a registered agent for your own LLC if you physically reside in Texas. However, you must provide your name, physical address and other contact information to the state. Many people do not want to give out their personal home addresses for safety and security and elect to have our law firm handle service of process and other compliance documents with the state.

Q: What is an EIN or Employer Identification Number?

An EIN is a document issued by the IRS to your LLC. Think of it as a social security number for your LLC. Your LLC will need an EIN number to open bank accounts, apply for credit cards and loans, for government contracts, pay taxes, hire employees and contractors, get a lease and many other business functions.

Q: What is a Standard Operating Agreement?

An operating agreement is an internal business document that sets the rules of how the LLC is operated, the rights of the owners, and how the company will be dissolved if it becomes insolvent.

A standard operating Agreement is simply a basic and generic operating agreement that uses the default rules for a Texas LLC. It is drafted by an attorney but it is NOT tailored to your business needs or other requirements. If you want a tailored operating agreement because of specific industry or if you have multiple owners or investors then it is highly advisable to schedule a consultation with an attorney and we can quote you a flat fee or charge an hourly rate to customize an operating agreement for your business.

Q: What is the Texas Government Fee?

The Texas Secretary of State charges a $301 fee to register the LLC and issue a certificate of formation. This is a required government fee. Without paying this fee to the State you will not have an LLC.

Q: Are the LLC Operating Agreement, Company Minutes, or Bylaws filed with the Texas Secretary of State.

No. These are internal corporate documents and are to be retained by the LLC’s management at its principal place of business.

Q: Do I have to file Annual Reports with the State of Texas?

Yes. Your LLC will be subject to Texas Franchise Taxes and must file a report each year with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Our law firm does not do this and you will need to do that yourself or hire an accountant or bookkeeper.

Q: Can I have my LLC taxed as an S Corporation?

Yes, you can pay us $100 to file an S Corporation election with the Internal Revenue Service “IRS”. Once we file the S Corp election documentation on your behalf your LLC will be taxed as a S corporation instead of a disregarded entity, The benefits of the S corporation election is that it limits the amount of income that is subject to the payroll tax. If you would like to understand if this will be a better option please schedule a paid consultation with an attorney.

Q: Can I be the only owner, member, manager, or director of a Texas LLC?

Yes. You do not need to have any other persons as owners or members of the LLC.

Q: Do I need to be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident to Form a Texas LLC?

No. Texas does not require any immigration or citizenship status to form a Texas LLC. You can be a citizen of any country with any legal or no legal status in the United States.

Q: Are there certain names that I can not register for my LLC?

Yes. Unless you have approval from the Texas Banking Commissioner, you cannot use the words: “Bank”, “Banc” Bank & Trust” or “Trust” in your LLC’s name.

Also, unless you have approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, you cannot use the words: “College”, “University”, “Medical School”. “School of Medicine”, “Health Science Center”, “Law School”, “School of Law” or “Law Center” in your LLC’s name.

Q: Do I need to be 18 years old or older to form a Texas LLC?

No. Texas does not impose any age requirements to be an owner, member, or manager of a Texas LLC. However, if you are a minor you will be subject to other laws which will create problems without your capacity to enter contracts.

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