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The Shawn Jaffer Law Firm takes on lawsuits against telemarketers, banks, credit card companies, debt collectors, and other businesses for consumers who get unwanted robocalls and text messages.

You may be entitled to $500 For Each RoboCall or RoboText

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA

The TCPA is a federal that protects consumers from unwanted Robocalls and Robotexts and it requires the business contacting you to get your express consent before contacting you on your cellphone and you have the right to ask them to stop calling or texting you.

If the business or company uses an Autodialer to make Robocalls or send Robotexts to your cellphone then you may be entitled to collect $500 to $1,500 for each call or text message.

Are Robocalls or Robotext Legal?

For a Robocall or Robotext to your cellphone to be legal the business must have your express written consent or electronic consent to be contacted with a Robocall or Robotext. If you did not give the business consent to Robocall you then you may have a case against them. Contact our offices for a free consultation.

Which Business Can be Sued for Robocalls?

  1. * Banks
  2. * Credit Card Companies
  3. * Debt Collectors
  4. * Mortgage Companies
  5. * Check Cashing Companies
  6. * Retailers
  7. * Telemarketers
  8. * Gym Membership
  9. * Home Security Companies
  10. * Car Dealerships
  11. * Websites

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