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Texas FDCPA Fair Debt Collections Attorneys

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The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act aka the “FDCPA” is a consumer protection law that protects consumers from abuse, harassment, and deceptive actions from Debt Collectors. However, debt collectors still harass and abuse consumers every single day hoping that you would get annoyed or intimated into making a payment. Fortunately, you can sue the debt collectors for violating your consumer rights under the FDCPA and it doesn’t matter if you owe the debt or not. The debt collectors are counting on the fact that you are unaware or your rights as a debtor and do not know that you are entitled to a Free FDCPA Attorneys in Dallas, Texas when they violate the FDCPA.

Common Debt Collection Violations

  • Repeated phone calls in short time frame
  • Calling you before 8am and after 9pm.
  • Calling your workplace after being told to stop.
  • Threatening to sue you or garnish your wages.
  • Threatening you with Arrest or Criminal Charges
  • Demanding more than what was owed
  • Adding interest and fees above the initial debt balance.
  • Informed third-parties other than Spouse about your debt.
  • Did not send you Notice of you Debt within 5 days of communicating with you.
  • They made false statements or misrepresented the law or facts.
  • They speak to you using abusive or profane language over the phone.
  • They violate your rights in a collection letter


We Can Get You Compensation

You may be Entitled to Compensation up to $1,000 under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act “FDCPA”.


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