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We are an experienced debt collection lawsuit defense law firm. We have successfully defended thousands of credit card debt, debt collector, and auto repossession balance lawsuits for consumers for years. Let us use our years of negotiation experience and contacts to help you resolve and settle your lawsuit on the best terms possible. Free Evaluation.

Are You Being Sued by a Credit Card Company or Debt Collector in Georgia?

Then you need to contact the Attorneys at Shawn Jaffer & Associates for a FREE Consultation about your options. Shawn Jaffer & Associate Attorneys are your Georgia Debt Lawsuit Defense Attorneys.

Don’t Ignore the Debt Lawsuit!

In most circumstances, Georgia Courts require that you file an Answer within 30 Days to the Georgia debt collection lawsuit. If you do not Answer then the Credit Card Company or Debt Collector will get a default judgment against you. Which means they automatically win.

What Happens If the Creditor or Debt Collector Gets a Judgment Against you in Georgia?

In Georgia, when a Creditor or Debt Collector gets a Default Judgment against a debtor or consumer the Creditor can do the following:

  1. Garnish your bank checking accounts and savings accounts by filing a garnishment.
  2. Garnish your paycheck with your employer, up to 25% of your weekly disposable income or your weekly disposable income that is 30 time higher than the federal minimum wage, whichever amount is less.
  3. Creditors can place liens on your property such as real estate and other personal property by recoding a writ of Fieri Facias or a “Fi. Fa.”
  4. They can credit report the judgment for up to 10 years.
  5. The can keep adding interest to your judgment balance.
  6. They can make you respond to post-judgment discovery such as demanding you produce bank records, income and asset information, tax returns, and respond to interrogatories, requests for productions, requests for admissions, and force you to appear at a deposition.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Debt Lawsuit Defense Attorney?

We charge a flat fee for your lawsuit defense based on the amount of the lawsuit. You can either pay upfront in full or we can provide you a flexible payment plan.

Amount of the Debt:Monthly Payment PlanFlat Fee
Less than $1,000$75 for 8 months$600
$1,001-$2,000$75 for 10 months$750
$2,001-$3,000$85 for 10 months$850
$3,001-$4,000$100 for 10 months$1,000
$4,001-$5,000$125 for 10 months$1,250
$5,001-$7,000$150 for 10 months$1,500
$7,001-$10,000$175 for 10 months$1,750
$10,001-$12,000$200 for 10 months$2,000
$12,001-$14,000$225 for 10 months$2,250
$14,001-$16,000$250 for 10 months$2,500
$16,001-$18,000$275 for 10 months$2,750
$18,001-$20,000$300 for 10 months$3,000
Over $20,000up to 10 monthsCall for Pricing

How can a Georgia Debt Defense Attorney Help?

We are Georgia Licensed Credit Card or Debt Lawsuit Defense Attorneys. We will look at the lawsuit to see if the Creditor complied with the law in every respect, for instance:

  1. Did the Creditor sue you within the time period (“Statute of Limitations”) as required by the law?
  2. Are the Debt and Fees calculated correctly and legally?
  3. Is the Creditor asking for attorneys fees and costs when they are not allowed to?
  4. Answer any discovery the Creditor will serve on you.
  5. Are there any violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act or Fair Credit Reporting Act, and if so your attorney can bring a counter-claim or a separate lawsuit in Federal Court and get you compensation.
  6. Handle all communications with the Creditor and Court on your behalf.
  7. Defend you in the Lawsuit.
  8. Negotiate and settle the lawsuit for significantly less than what is owed and possibly get you a credit report trade line deletion.

What if I Didn’t Answer and the Creditor or Debt Collector Got a Default Judgment Against Me in Georgia?

1. Motion to Set Aside/Vacate the Judgement

If a default judgment has been entered against you in a Georgia court you could file a motion to vacate or set aside the judgment. However, this is an uphill battle and you must show the court “good cause” for not answering the lawsuit in a timely manner.

The most common “good cause” reason for not answering a lawsuit is that you were not properly served with notice of the lawsuit. Our attorneys can evaluate your situation and see if you have “viable “good cause” to vacate or set aside the default judgment in Georgia.

2. Settling the Lawsuit after Default Judgment

Alternatively, you could negotiate a settlement with the creditor or debt collector even after the judgment has been granted against you. However, it is much more difficult to work out a significant balance reduction and setup plans afterwards. This is why always advise our clients to timely respond to the debt collection lawsuits in Georgia and fight back instead of getting defaulted.

3. File Bankruptcy

Lastly, if your Bank Accounts are frozen by a garnishment , your wages are being garnished, or you are simply too deep in debt you Attorney can advise you on your options for a Bankruptcy to discharge all your eligible debts..

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