Being Sued By TD Auto Finance

How to Defend a Lawsuit from TD Auto Finance

TD Auto Finance, a notable auto finance company, often initiates legal action against individuals who default on vehicle loans. As an debt lawsuit defense attorneys in Texas we offer guidance to those who find themselves entangled in a lawsuit with TD Auto Finance.

TD Auto Finance’s Involvement in Your Credit and Legal Matters

TD Auto Finance may appear on your credit report if you have an outstanding vehicle loan with them. In cases of loan default, they can initiate a lawsuit to recover the owed amount. It’s common for them to engage local collection attorneys to handle these lawsuits.

The Legal Process

Once TD Auto Finance decides to sue, the legal process begins with the service of a lawsuit. This is a critical moment: receiving a lawsuit means that you must respond within a certain timeframe to avoid a default judgment, which could result in wage garnishment, liens on property, and other financial hardships.

Business Record Affidavit: A Key Element in TD Auto Finance’s Case

TD Auto Finance often relies on a “business record affidavit” in court. This document, typically presented by a witness, is intended to prove the validity of the debt and the default. Under state laws, there are specific requirements for such affidavits to be admissible in court. It’s essential to understand these requirements, as challenging the affidavit’s admissibility can be a key defense strategy.

Defending Against the Lawsuit

  1. Verify the Debt: Ensure the debt is yours and the amount is correct. Mistakes happen, and you have the right to dispute inaccuracies.
  2. Challenge the Business Record Affidavit: Analyze the affidavit for compliance with legal standards. An experienced attorney can identify if the affidavit fails to meet necessary criteria.
  3. Negotiate a Settlement: If the debt is valid, consider negotiating a settlement. Often, creditors like TD Auto Finance are willing to settle for less than the owed amount.
  4. Seek Legal Representation: Consulting an experienced debt lawsuit defense attorney is crucial. They can provide personalized legal strategies and represent you in court.

Protecting Your Rights

Remember, you have rights that protect you from unfair collection practices. If TD Auto Finance or their representatives violate these laws, you might have a counterclaim. Violations can include inaccurate credit reporting, harassment, or failing to validate the debt.

Being sued by TD Auto Finance is a serious matter, but it’s not the end of the road. With the right knowledge and legal assistance, you can navigate this situation effectively. Whether it’s challenging the evidence, negotiating a settlement, or defending your rights under consumer protection laws, there are several strategies to consider. Always act promptly and seek professional legal advice to protect your interests and achieve the best possible outcome.

How Much Does a Debt Defense Attorney Charge?

We at Jaffer & Associates charge a Flat Fee for your lawsuit defense based on the amount of the lawsuit. You can either pay upfront in full or we can provide you with a flexible payment plan.

Amount of the Debt:Monthly Payment PlanFlat Fee
Less than $1,000$75 for 8 months$600
$1,001-$2,000$75 for 10 months$750
$2,001-$3,000$85 for 10 months$850
$3,001-$4,000$100 for 10 months$1,000
$4,001-$5,000$125 for 10 months$1,250
$5,001-$7,000$150 for 10 months$1,500
$7,001-$10,000$175 for 10 months$1,750
$10,001-$12,000$200 for 10 months$2,000
$12,001-$14,000$225 for 10 months$2,250
$14,001-$16,000$250 for 10 months$2,500
$16,001-$18,000$275 for 10 months$2,750
$18,001-$20,000$300 for 10 months$3,000
Over $20,000up to 10 monthsCall for Pricing
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